Day 338: Peer Pressure

Trying a new thing with the rowing machine, Pete’s Plan, a daily rowing thinger dedicated to improving my, well, rowosity. More specifically, I’d like to work on my 5k time.

It turns out there are a number of people in my office with an ergometer or access to one, and my co-worker Chantal has started a bit of a challenge.

Which I am currently leading, which is a bit of a boost to the ego. It’s also fun to see other people getting on board this thing. Peer pressure! Positive peer pressure! When you’re not drinking, it’s often hard to use the words “peer pressure” in a nice context, so this is a pleasant change.

Speaking of peers, and friends, and tracking… I have to say I’m not entirely charmed by MyFitnessPal. It may be a case of familiarity, but LoseIt seemed much more user-friendly to me. Both are obnoxious with the Premium nudges and/or ads.

So today’s row was a new thing for me: splits. 8 750-metre rows with a minute of rest in between. Started strong and ended… rough. And I’ve discovered my technique isn’t that good when I’m rowing fast; I’m jerking the machine backwards. Back on the learning curve — I think I’m forcing my recovery too fast.

At any rate, today was another minor triumph of DO IT over “I don’t wanna do it.” So put that in the win column…