Day 339: Work out, or start my day?

Late start due to some household stuff overnight — was up at 1 til about 3:30, so was physically incapable of getting up on time. Now I’m in the dilemma of having some time off work this week, but wanting to get a lot done… and also wanting to exercise.

It’s already past 7:30, and I’ve got a chunk of stuff on the agenda. On the other hand, I really should stick to the workout regimen. Addressing what kept me up is obviously the root problem here, and super important, but in the moment, it’s a weighing of how much time I have to get a workout in, what I’ve actually intended to do as a workout… and how much that will set me back in starting my day.

It’s decided! Working out is the way to go. I’m going to wrap this up and hit the erg for 45 minutes. It’ll put me back on my day, but I’ll just have to find some way to make that time up. Glad it’s not a regular workday for me, or that would just be completely impossible.