Day 341: Minor Annoyances

A little late again today, this time in part because I just invested 10 minutes of time figuring out how to disable &^%$ autoplay videos in my browser.

Fun fact sidebar: nobody likes video. Nobody wants content in a video. Videos exist only because it’s an ad delivery mechanism that’s almost impossible to circumvent. People visit sites to get information, and 99% of the time it can be read in 10 seconds, not packed into a seven-minute video.


There’s a larger point here, which is sometimes it’s worth the time to make an incremental improvement that will pay off for weeks or months. Like this morning. Hopefully it will work, and I’ll never have to have some dumb video start blasting out of my speakers for no reason at all.

It’s kind of an extension of the “do easy” idea from way back when. Instead of spending time perfecting a repeated action, though, it’s spending time eliminating unneeded actions.

Ironically, taking these actions has been something I’ve been doing in between paragraphs, and now Chrome needs to relaunch. So I’m’a wrap this up.