Day 342: Out of Sorts, Holiday Time

I’m not feeling it today. Up since about 3:30; I think accumulated stress and various stuff has just got me all rocky. So I’m, weirdly enough, kind of leaning into Christmas right now.

Mainly this is prepping music for the radio show. But I have to confess I’m kind of… feeling it this year. Maybe because after a year of political horror and a mix of personal triumph and setbacks, I’m ready for something a bit pure and seasonal.

It’s kind of early for me to be feeling Christmasy. Last year, I remember it was like December 22 before I even felt a bit merry. But this year, I don’t know. I think maybe I need this right now. Some cheer.

So I’ve been listening to new and interesting and weird Christmas music since about 5 a.m., and it’s actually substantially improving my mood. Hooray!

It’s been a not great week for food and exercise, I’ll be honest. Mentally, I’ve been checked out since about Wednesday. Monday’s another reboot and fast day, and I think I’ll be getting back on track then. But I’ll be honest — it’s been a rough week. Emotionally, which leads to physically.

Leaning into the holidays make sense for me right now.