Day 344: Not From My Phone

It’s interesting to note that Jerk in Progress has been… slipping my mind recently. Last week I came through a sobriety challenge with flying colours, but completely fell down on food and exercise due to stress. Maybe Year One has just been about sobriety. Year Two will be about food. Who knows?

How to revamp this thing is still very much on my mind; I have a concept but I don’t know if it’ll work. The idea is basically a kind of tip-of-the-day thing, but fuelled by call-ins rather than by just me coming up with stuff. So I post the number and people call in; I parse the recordings and turn them into minisodes. Once a week I produce a “megasode” that collects it all.

That’s the current idea. I’m kind of fond of it. It’s definitely a lot more work than what I’m doing now, though, and the idea of this, originally, is not to try to gain an audience as much as to just give myself some public accountability and structure. If I make it into Work (or YAGO, to use a much earlier term), the risk:reward ratio gets weird. I’m not sure I want the reward, so why take the risk?

The eternal balance of “am I stretching myself, or overextending myself?” certainly plays itself out here. I want to stretch. I don’t want to snap.