Day 345: Spinning Is Hard

I have been unfair to spinning. We bought the rowing machine a while ago, and in the small, steady aggregation of exercise stuff, a less-than-expensive, but still good, spin bike a week ago. I’ve just done a spin session for the second time in my life.

I’ve been unfair to spin. I was writing it off in my head as a kind of “lycra mom” thing, but it was hella tough. My heart is still slowing down, I think. And now that there’s intermittent icy weather on the streets, balls-out cardio is something I want periodically in my life.

I think I’ve let the culture shape my opinion of spinning unfavourably! Which, I don’t know, I strive not to do. I spent a lot of my youth in varying states of scorn, and I’m trying not to do that any more. So I was doubly surprised by both spin and my crappy attitude toward spin!

Lesson learned: I’m still carrying a lot of baditude around toward stuff. It’s good to get the workout in, and also good to get my head checked.