Day 347: Seeking my Motivation

I’ve talked about motivation a lot on the podcast before. I did a whole week on it way back when. But that was more “get going in the morning” motivation. What’s my deep motivation?

“Losing weight” and “looking better” all seem a bit… abstract. Setting myself a weight goal is, like, fine, but it doesn’t mean anything to me. In the heart.

My wife had a pretty good one the other day: use it as a hedge. All of this started when I broke my foot in 2012. I gained a ton of weight that year, and never shook it. So it’s not just losing weight and getting fit for those reasons. It’s insurance. It’s a margin in case something goes wrong down the line. I like that reasoning a lot.

And frankly, my confidence isn’t great after a year of not getting it done. And cataloguing that failure pretty much daily!

So there are two things I need: a bone-deep reason, and a win. A big win.

And then no backsliding.

I think the big win will help with the backsliding. It’s the deep reason I’m lacking, though, at the moment. So let’s work on that.