Day 349: Still Feeling Weird

Arrgh! I am still just not feeling it. I can’t explain it better than that. I wish I could.

My best guess is that I’ve always known that my energy levels, motivation, etc. are cyclical. I’m not really bipolar, but I’ m kind of 1.1polar. I definitely drift.

So I guess I’m in a natural ebb right now, and I have been for a couple weeks. I can’t seem to exercise my way out of it, and I really need to be careful as I ride it out. Definitely on the drinking front. I can’t backslide there. But just in general, I feel…¬†flumpy¬†is the word I use around the house. I feel flumpy.

I think right now I just need to batten down the hatches and wait for the upswing to make progress again. Try not to flumpy myself into a disaster.