Day 352: Happy Lamp Insomnia?

Well. Day Two using a UV lamp thinger to see if that brightens me up — pun semi-intended — as I go through a bit of the doldrums. I can’t say it made an immediate difference yesterday. BUT I did have a hell of a hard time getting to sleep.

That never happens. I fall asleep like a champ most nights. 99% of the time I just conk out in five minutes. Reading in bed is impossible for more than 10 minutes. I just pass out.

So lying awake is something that only happens rarely, and almost always for caffeine reasons. I have insomnia a lot, but it’s “wake up in the night” insomnia, not “fall asleep” insomnia.

All I can think of is… happy lamp? I was using it yesterday evening. Did it reset my brain to thinking it was the morning?

I don’t know. I’m half-assedly committed to seeing this through for about a week, so we’ll see what happens with my mood, and also with my sleep.