Day 353: Happy Lamp Insomnia!

Based on VERY LITTLE RESEARCH, I think it was the Happy Lamp that was causing my sleep problem. When I told Happy Lamp veterans that I’d been using it in the evening, their reaction was not unlike when the kid in the first Ring movie finds out his mom helped Samara escape the well. “You’re not supposed to help her!”

So yes. Happy Lamp is a morning thing, apparently. And a workplace thing. But while I don’t think I have a monumental or fragile ego, the thought of answering questions about what the giant glowing thing on my desk is… meh. I’m happy just using it for 30 or minutes or so while I’m working on things at home. But in the morning!

Generally a better mood after a couple days of good food and good exercise. Not great this morning, but good. Spin keeps kicking my butt.

And tomorrow: out of town while my wife writes her citizenship exam! So that’s a big day. Jerkpod on the road, which I might have figured out from my iPad now, if I can configure a couple of things once I’ve done this. So maybe I’ll get cracking on that.