Day 355: Weird Day, Christmas Leanings

Weird morning! Lousy night last night, due to being all amped up over my wife’s successful citizenship test, upset tum due to very rich food, and general lots-of-driving accrued stress.

Last day of work before the holidays! I’m looking forward to it. No big plans, and I’m trying not to cram too much project stuff into the week off. Since family obligations have largely been met, it’s going to be a huge break of no particular specific required stuff. Lots of catching up on TV, reading, and some big “virtual” projects, largely related to my wife’s podcast, the side hustle, and a rethink of this thing to start some time in the new year.

For right now, though: post this podcast, take a shower, and get my head into a good productive day at work — the last of 2017.