Day 360: Happy Lamp Update

HAMP! That’s what I’m calling Happy Lamp. Because.

Happy Lamp’s been going… pretty good. As stated, correlation is not causation, and use of Happy Lamp has also coincided with the holidays, taking a break, doing some fun stuff, etc.

But I definitely feel a bit better since Happy Lamp. Maybe there’s something to be said for superlamps and SAD.

It’s been a short while a day; 30 minutes or less. No more evening stuff since I had sleep problems and was told that was a Bad Idea. And, again, my mood seems to have gotten better.

The weird space between Christmas and New Year’s continues — as discussed with my wife the other day, it’s a kind of an odd break between Happy Fun Times. I find it less anxious now that I’m not drinking, as there’s less… debauchery to be ramping down from, and up to. New Year’s Eve is really a drinking game more than anything, up there with Saint Patrick’s and… well, those are the Big Two, really. Cinco de Mayo in some parts of North America.

On the whole, things are going well emotionally and boozewise. 2018 will be the Year of Fitness and Solid Eating. Bear with me a few more days on that.