Day 363: Relaxing is hard!

As mentioned yesterday, I’m trying to lean into relaxing a bit. What’s interesting is how much all of this seems to be a package deal. It’s hard to figure out how to exercise while doing nothing the rest of the day. Or eat well without exercising. Or etcetera.

The thing is, I’m actually feeling a bit gross. I’m enjoying laziness in the moment, but at the end of the day I feel kind of bloated and off. But I also don’t feel like exercising. I’m kind of in a lazy rut, and it feels like it’s a kind of a full set of diet + exercise or complete slob.

I’m thinking a little light exercise this morning, just a few k on the rower, just to feel myself do something. I can be lazy the rest of the day. But when I start feeling off, it’s not relaxing, it’s just dumb.