Day 366: Scheduling All the Things

First full day of “the scheduled life,” and things are on track so far — up at 5, get dressed and ready for exercise, exercise til 6, breakfast and food prep, weighing (yikes) and shower. Now on to the podcast, and then working on a volunteer thing for about 30 minutes before I have to get ready to go to work.

I think I’m fine with all of this, but it’s definitely going to be an experiment in being a bit more regimented than I usually am with time. I don’t know. I never hear anyone say “man, I am justĀ too well organized” outside of Hollywood movies. So this is the hour in which I eat breakfast, pack lunch, shower and do all the day-prep things including reviewing today’s schedule.

One extra benefit of this might be actually leaving the house more with my wife. We’re terrible homebodies, and once we’re in for the evening we’ll take almost any excuse to not go back out. Much better than the alternative — “I hate my home and ache to leave it” — but it’s still not the healthiest lifestyle. So by forcing some outside time (tonight is a poetry reading), hopefully I’ll be able to encourage us to actually get out and Do All The Things more often.