Day 368: Breakfast

Scheduling’s still going okay. I’m feeling a bit of anxiety in the mornings, a bit rushed from thing to thing. This is partly because I’m really doing exercise now, so it really does take me from 5:00 to 6:00 to wake up, get exercise-dressed, put on shoes, etc. etc. and then actually exercise.

The thing is, I have time to do all the stuff, but I have no margin for goofing around. And today — horrors — I discovered that what I was expecting to have for breakfast had already been eaten.

So my thoughts are on breakfast right now. Going no-sugar for a month eliminates a lot of options, and you know what? Toast and peanut butter is just not my bag. I keep trying to like it, but while I like toast, and peanut butter, that combination is just kind of dull.

I’ve got brown rice in the rice cooker right now, which I’ll mix with some soybeans (cooked) and some sort of hot sauce to give myself something savoury.

My go-tos for the last couple of years have been steel cut oats and… steel cut oats. What can I say? I have a fondness for steel cut oats. But those are a seven-hour slow-cooker thing, and rice in the rice cooker stands a pretty good chance of being done before I have to move on to the next thing.

I know I can probably min/max my breakfast a bit more. It’s my one big throwback to the bachelor method of “make a lot of something and eat it every day.”

And now that I’m writing this, it surprises me how little interest I have in cereal, which, thinking about it… pretty much goes back to post-university. I suspect it’s a consequence of being carless and semi-broke for 90% of my adult life: cereal is expensive, and takes a lot of space in a grocery mix.

So I guess it’s brown rice and soy beans for breakfast today (and for the next few days). Breakfast!