Day 369: Workout Music

Getting a bit harder to stay on schedule… I don’t think I’m wasting tons of time, but this morning was a pretty lackluster workout, and I feel like I’m rushing the clock to get the podcast done.

Here’s the workout thing: I’m a bit sick of my own exercise music. I can’t do podcasts — I slow down and lose focus, or get into the exercise and don’t listen to the podcast. Usually in alternation, so I don’t get a good workout or the content of what I’m trying to listen to. Spotify workout mixes are… some are okay, but then there’s just some sort of “bitches in the club, yo” or “I’m emo and a nice guy why are girls such bitches” or Disturbed’s child abuse anthem, and I just (a) can’t get behind that, which knocks me right out of the mood, and (b) don’t like thinking that I’m giving misogynist/racist/douchebag artists money by listening to their drivel.

And/or playlists that get a good groove going and then go into kind of weak sauce dance-lite tracks that sound more like the first third of a Tuesday night at a second-rate dance bar than anything you want to exercise to.

“No music” is the obvious go-to, but… I hate it. I really like exercising with music. 90% of the Spotify stuff is fine, but there’s just that one song in 10 — let’s be honest, it’s more like 1/5 — that really gets my goat.

Workout music is hard, is I guess what I’m saying.