Day 371: End of the first Very Scheduled Week

On the whole, I have to say “Schedule Everything” is working out pretty well. Yesterday afternoon was the first time things went right off the rails, and that’s because our carshare car was dead — it was about -26C yesterday — and we had to walk across town to get another one, which pushed us back about an hour. A lot got done, and most of what didn’t was either optional or leisure, so it was basically okay.

And then we napped. Which wasn’t accounted for.

On the whole, though, everything’s going well: things are getting done, I have time for leisure (scheduled leisure), and broadly speaking I think this is a good system. Some catch-up today on things I failed to do yesterday, thanks to not doing my nightly checklist. But again, on the whole, doin’ good.

The idea is, we do a weekly scheduling session at “Church” on Sundays, and that sets up the rest of the week. Adjustments are done on the daily.

Heading down to finish making breakfast (and more coffee); here’s to the scheduled life!