Day 372: Showering

I managed to go the whole weekend without showering, which is gross. One day is fine. Two days? I actually kind of woke myself up a couple of times in the night thinking I smell bad. So I’m never going to do that again.

The main lesson there is I need to schedule out my video game time. I had a full open afternoon/evening last night, because my wife was out at trivia. Which turned into a marathon video game sesh. And that’s okay! I love No Man’s Sky, I’m having a blast playing it. I work a full-time job. I have lots of productive hobbies. The side hustle is edging along. I’m allowed to kick back and have fun with a video game.

But the fact that I got so pulled in that I, well forgot to shower, which I’d intended to do in the afternoon… not so great. And I didn’t even really “forget to shower,” I just kind of kept doing the “…and I’ll do it just as soon as I…” thing.

Gamification of tasks is a fascinating concept to me. Slightly challenging tasks leading to modestly arbitrary awards.

At any rate, I’m going to wrap this and check my day scheduling. Which will likely include a bit of forward-looking in the week to see what that’s looking like. I don’t think super-gaming is going to be a problem, as I’ve only got small chunks of game time allocated. But lessons learned: block game time, and shower at least once on weekends. Ew.