Day 373: Work-Life Balance

One of my intentions for the new year (not a resolution, I don’t suffer ‘loss’ if I break it) is to try to actually work my hours at work — hard, no distractions. But man, it’s hard not to just power through lunch and stay a few minutes after work.

It’s also hard, with my personality type, to actually stay 100% focused while on the job. The appropriately named StayFocusd app (Chrome) has been installed. And — stroke of genius that’s really not all that clever — a totally different work identity for Google now. No more tempting bookmarks!

As we all know, I found the holidays and “full relaxation” kind of stressful. I like many tasks and task-switching. At work, I recently completed a 2018 work plan, and strangely enjoyed making the following to show my current time allocations:

Sunburst Chart showing allocated work times.

(I like charts! Sunburst charts are actually pretty easy to make!)

But you can see how things get filled up pretty quick.

So I’m starting to pull the “schedule everything” approach into the office as well: block off time first thing in the morning, marked as “free” so it doesn’t mess up attempts to set meetings with me.

It’s not a perfect system — this morning, for instance, regular exercise got pre-empted by needing to shovel a ton of wet snow out of the drive, but that’s still “exercise.” Yesterday I got thrown off by doing a surprise chore that I should have done on Sunday and forgot about. Sticking to 15 minutes of housecleaning a day, scheduled or not, is turning out to be surprisingly difficult. I didn’t do my nightly checklist last night (I tried taking a break from it for the weekend — mistake).

But it’s better, as they say, than the alternative.