Day 375: Seriously!

The main thing is I NEED TO DO THE NIGHTLY CHECKLIST. I’ve been slack. It’s burning me. Gotta do it. Onward…

Don’t underestimate ADL. That’s kind of the lesson of the last few days: running behind today, because there was laundry to do and some semi-urgent things to nail down for a volunteer commitment. Yesterday, I drew a button to clean all our cast-iron frying pans, and the “short” board game I was playing with my wife turned out to be remarkably complicated.

The key thing being, I’m learning to schedule ambitiously but not fret too much if the schedule goes awry for good reasons. Or at least forward-moving reasons. “I just wound up watching Netflix all night” is not a legit thing, but “I scoured our cast-iron frying pans back to good condition” is a legit thing.

This morning: hanging laundry. Boot repair. Finalizing some paid advertising for a canoe club. It’s all pushing me off-track, but it’s, like, good off track. Things are either being well maintained or moving forward.

I also keep coming back to how hard it was to “straight relax” over the holidays. I think I do best when I have lots of alternating tasks that I can switch around every 30 minutes or so… Pomodoro method style bursts of intense concentration, break, and repeat.

So: schedule for success, aim to keep that schedule, but don’t get freaked out if the schedule gets interrupted for forward moving or maintenance reasons. Schedule time to have fun/relax/do stuff you enjoy.

I’m liking this “schedule it all” approach. It’s just a matter of refining that formula.