Day 377: Work Brings The Pain

Ha! The audio says 376. It’s 377. Gotcha! January Fools!

Got the show this morning, and then… work commitments. Student support for a project. Am I resentful? A bit! It’s kind of petty of me. But it’s my reality! I’m allowed to be annoyed. There are, obviously, complications as well involving space booking and scheduled carpet cleaning and blargh.

So: I’m’a be proactive and log time, book some time off, rather than just kind of default to “suck it up”. Manage the mind end of things.

On the practical end, this is just a scheduling thing. It’s not actually a big deal. It’s just… emotionally impactful because there’s a lack of control that I’m not fond of.

I’ve been mentoring at work lately — which I internally find kind of panic-inducing, because I really think I’m making it up as I go along an awful lot of the time. But recent conversations about conflict have made me realize how much conflict is really about control. Loss of control, struggling for control, inappropriate control.

Which is helpful to me in situations like this. Why am I irritated? Because there’s factors here beyond my control. What can I do about it? Well, I can’t control the situation. I don’t dictate the carpet cleaning schedule.

So if conflict stems from control issues, what have I got? Lean into it, basically. Go with the flow. Control what I can.