Day 381: Meditation?!?

Okay, well, I’ve tried it before. It hasn’t worked for me. But here we go again! My wife’s been using a particular meditation aid app. Somebody gifted her a year-long subscription. And after sustained use, they gave her a gift code for a free month. She gave it to me.

So I’m’a try meditation again. This is something I’ve dipped into and out of, but honestly, probably not since before I got married. As anyone who has listened to 15 seconds of this knows, “quieting my mind” is not a strong suit.

And yes, I know that that makes me the sort of person who should meditate. Get bent. You’re not introducing new information.

See? “Get bent?” Clearly I need to mellow out. Meditation ho!

I did get back on the checklist last night. Felt good.