Day 382: Sweating

Just coming off a pretty good workout — wondering if sweat is the demarcation line I should be looking at. I’ve mentioned this before: I sweat buckets. It takes me a while to get there, but once the faucet is on, it runs.

I’m wondering if the “feel good and accomplished after the workout” effect is related to that. Not directly. Otherwise I could just go to a sauna and feel jazzed all the time. But whether the mechanism that gets me revved up enough to soak through my shirt is the same one that releases the… endorphins, I guess?

So I’m in the post-exercise glow and wondering why I don’t always exercise. But mentally conscious of the many times I’ve gotten up and said “I can’t possibly exercise”. And also the many times I’ve half-assed it.

I think it really is a matter of not letting myself get distracted: vector straight from bed to energizing music to working out. As little thought as possible between them.

Meditation? Went okay. I like the “guided meditation” bit because there’s at least a voice there pulling me back on track, as opposed to just having your eyes shut and wondering how long it’s been and when you can stop.