Day 383: On top, fearing bottom

Okay, another pretty good morning of up-to-exercise. It’s been over a year, and I’m wondering how I keep from slumping on this; if people are a bit sick of the cyclical nature of the podcast, trust me, I am too.

Initially, I thought this would be an “up and up” sort of experience: reporting successes, being inspiration. Instead, it’s kind of a “muddling publicly” experience. I’m just giving voice to my… gradual progress? Can I even say I’m progressing? I’m not even sure at this point.

I’m not down! It’s important to say that I’m not depressed. I’m doing well, right now, I’m just stymied by what happens to make this stick.

My gut (ha!) is that I do well for a while, then some sort of weight loss or body fat or psychological or other trigger goes off and says “but now you must eat!” and I go bananas.

I’m kind of at capacity with stuff right now, or I’d dive into the data on this a bit more. I have 383 days of talking about it behind me, so there must be some clues there. It’s not a good few weeks coming up, but I should actually analyze all of this at some point.

Hm. Maybe I should have some sort of check-in checklist every day so I can start mapping where I’m at with things.

Food: On Track

Weight: Overweight

Exercise: Vigorous/On Track

Mood: Good

Sleep: Adequate

Night-Before Checklist: No

Work Stress: Moderate

Volunteer Stress: Moderate

Home Stress: Low