Day 384: Trackin’

I’ve instituted a daily tracker; it’s part of the weight spreadsheet. Basically, every morning I do:

Actual Weight

The day’s exercise

And then track on a scale of 1-5: weight progress, whether I stuck to good food habits, my exercise energy, whether I did my checklist the night before, how I slept, my general mood, and work, volunteer and home stress.

I’m notĀ certain these are the absolute best things to follow, but it’s what I came up with yesterday. The general idea isĀ can I see what happens before and during a lapse. Not to 100% eradicate lapses.

After a year-plus of doing this, I know for certain that the simple application of will, sporadically, in combination with a podcast/blog is NOT the formula for success. But I’m not sure what precipitates failure.

I’m also conscious of scope creep… I’m piling more stuff onto this project over time. More tracking, more sciencey business. At some point I’m going to have to pull the trigger on freeing up some big commitments to really focus on this, or put a pin in its scale and call it a day.