Day 385: Sundays

The tracking thing is going well, and is kind of interesting. Sundays are a bit of a puzzle, though.

Traditionally, Sunday is a full break day: no exercise, no checklist, no nothin’. Saturdays I often slip up on weighing because I exercise light and no shower. And I’m about 90% sure that lapses generally happen coming out of a weekend, because I stop doing it, which gives me permission not to do it, which I extend into the week because “why not”.

There’s the dilemma. I think breaks are important. Mentally, physically. But comingĀ back fromĀ the break is, I suspect, an issue.

This is part of what that tracking thing is about: I’ll be able to see whether or not I’ve checklisted, and how I do with picking it back up. Maybe the act of observation will change that behaviour. Quantum motivation!

For now, I’m going to keep giving myself Sunday breaks, and keep tracking things every day.