Day 386: Ticking along

Everything seems fine. That’s a kind of dull topic of the day, but… everything seems fine. That’s good! I should be super happy! I am pretty happy, actually.

Exercise is on point. I’m doing well with diet. Sleep last night was pretty good, and it was a fun, productive weekend that was a good blend of getting things done and having fun doing those things.

Volunteer stuff is busy, but not quite overwhelming, and the business is due to some major projects that are moving forward at a pretty good clip, so humps rather than high baselines.

Here’s a thing: I’ve just spent a week not playing No Man’s Sky. I really enjoy playing No Man’s Sky. But I’m getting a lot done and also feel pretty good not playing it. The question is obvious. Do I go another week without?

My inclination is yes: the game isn’t going anywhere, I have some stuff that needs doing, and… well, I feel okay not playing. So I’m going to commit to another game-free week. Oooh! That feels tingly. Anxious. Okay. I’m committed now. So let’s do it. Game-free week is on!