Day 391: Oathin’

A hybrid remote/local one today, recording the audio as a voice memo downstairs so I don’t disturb my visiting parents in the next room. Considerate! Seems to have worked out all right, and I’ll repeat tomorrow.

My wife completed a ten-year arc toward Canadian citizenship yesterday, which, despite being a Caucasian-presenting (stealth Hispanic!) U.S. Citizen was still lengthy, expensive, and at times dumb. So a small reinforcement there of the power of perseverance in the face of red tape.

Off track yesterday due to the day trip to Ottawa, not being able to Checklist because of a late return and going out for dinner, etc. But still pretty well behaved on the whole: food was eaten, for sure, but nothing extravagantly stupid. I was up late, but not crazy late. Going to retroactively food-log right now and get ready for the radio show…