Day 394: February Sprint

Picking up from yesterday, I’m quite fond of the idea of a “February Sprint.” It’s exactly four weeks, which is fun, and a short month, which is good.

I’ve been trying various “kickstarts” for a while, which seem like good ideas, but they’re ultimately a bit lazy, right? Looking for a “magic formula” to get me engaged and motivated when the secret really is just doing the work. Eat less, exercise, repeat. The dull necessary bit.

That being said, it’s also fun to mess around with the motivational stuff.

So “February Sprint” isn’t really a ‘kickstart’ or anything. It’s just another lens for the boring, daily things, but also a way to keep focus on maintaining or re-establishing some good habits by giving myself a good-habit goal to aim for. I’ve tried this with “100 day” projects before, but found the days too abstract in some ways. The February thing seems a bit more concrete.

Anyway — still staying pretty good in the ramp up. Exercise hasn’t been stellar for the last few days; to be honest, I’ve been kind of phoning it in. But I’m still getting some in, still logging and tracking, etc. On to February!