Day 396: February Sprint, Day 1

Off to a good start, if I do say so myself: crushed my time for a 5k row, and am pretty psyched about this being a Big Month for me. Which makes sense, in a way, because February is such a grim month in other ways.

So I’m off on the right foot, after a good night’s sleep and a good exercise session. Now it’s just a matter of keeping that momentum rolling: grab a shower, pack lunch, have breakfast, and so on.

“Don’t get sick” is going to be one of the challenges. I’m seeing a lot of colds and flu running around the office, so while drinking a lot of water is normally on my “should do” mental list, I think I need to dial that up to “must to” to give myself the best chance of staying well and not derailing with some sort of bug.

All right! I’m excited for February. Let’s see where this takes me.