Day 399: February Sprint – Sunday

My first Sunday of the sprint. Yesterday went well; I’m happy with a relative amount of restraint at social engagements, etc.

Not drinking can still be tough when you’re with people who are. Especially when as the evening wears on the sobriety gap kicks in… everyone is getting looser and funnier, and you’re still the same.

But if the people are good, it’s all good — a bit strange, and there’s a “contact drunk” thing that happens. A couple of urges to drink, but nothing terrible. Generally just good times with good friends.

I’m looking at a Sunday with no specific plans, so I think I’m going to need some structure. My wife was in her cups last night, so I’m guessing I’ll have most of the morning to myself. Catch up on some side work, a video game, etc. It’s going to be a good day.