Day 400: February Sprint – Working Out

Man, I’m not losing weight (yet) like I want to in this sprint, but I am working out HARD. Yesterday was a well deserved break, but today was splits on the rower, and oof. It feels good! I’m glad to be hitting it pretty forcefully during the mornings. It really does set the day up well.

Irritated about my weight, though. I think I’ve been pretty good, but I guess for the sprint to work I have to beĀ stringentĀ instead of just “on track.” So starting today, it’s really ratcheting down the caloric intake. I know there’s a “starvation mode” that makes it hard to lose weight and all that, and I’m going going like Christian Bale and The Machinist, but I think the sprint is going to involve being… uncomfortable, foodwise.

Everything else is pretty much on track; I was a bit worried that seeing a lot of drinking Saturday night would encourage bad behaviour on Sunday, but again, I seem to be keeping things pretty much on lock.

February Sprint!