Day 403: Flow to the Door

February Sprint continues! I haven’t had coffee yet, and part of that is for Reasons, but also a revelation midway through the morning.

I shoveled snow for exercise this morning, and did a little spin for good measure. Then I was thinking “just shower now and get it done,” and on the way to do that, it occurred to me that maybe I should organize my morning with anĀ outward flow.

By which I mean do things in the order that lead me to the front door, and then out the front door. I often find I exercise, then go make coffee, then do the podcast, then have a shower and get dressed, then make lunch… wouldn’t it make more sense to exercise, shower, and then just move room to room toward the kitchen and the door out of the house?

I’m going to try that… it means coffee comes later, but that’s not a bad thing, necessarily. Exercise, shower, dress, computer stuff including podcast, then coffee/breakfast/lunch, then out the door. No doubling back.

It make a sort of intuitive sense; so much that maybe most people just do this already and it’s a bit dumb of me to stumble on it now. But there y’go. I’m’a do this.