Day 404: Error

It’s day 404 of Jerk in Progress, so you KNOW there’s gotta be an error. NERD HUMOUR. But there was — I let myself get distracted pre-exercise this morning, and now I’m scrambling a bit to catch up. I knew I was doing it! I left some stuff hanging before I went to bed, and got the itch when I got up, and before you know it 30 minutes have gone by.

I also like sending co-workers replies to their emails at 5 a.m. sometimes because it makes them think I am REALLY ON THE BALL. Or it trains my direct reports to think that I’m on duty all the time. Maybe this is dumb. Hm.

So it’s a bit of a rush to catch up. In brief:

  • Things are going well! February sprint!
  • I am still whispering “February Sprint” fairly frequently. It’s becoming kind of an accidental mantra. But again, it works. So I’m’a keep doing it.
  • “Flow to the Door” seems to have worked yesterday, and I’m doing it again today. No doubling back! I like it.