Day 405: Sprint Weekend; Maintaining

Yesterday was the first day that I haven’t nailed it since I started the sprint in earnest last week — on target for calories instead of under. Complicated reasons involving my wife, beer, and desserts.

But still on target for calories; still did most of the checklist, got a short (Saturday-normal) workout in this morning. The sprint continues!

And I’m seeing results — steady weight drop since I started eating less. Healthily less. Keeping that in mind when I’m tempted to snack (and whispering “February Sprint” a lot) seems to be the key.

Radio show today, and then… I think just house projects? Food projects? Tomorrow is Early Valentines as my wife is working on the 14th… snowshoeing and then a Fancy Hot Chocolate date.

Rrrrrrrright now, though, I need to plan my food for today — and no deviations, even if a tipsy spouse brings home a dessert and gets shirty if I don’t eat it.