Day 407: Weird Day

February Sprint continues with kind of a weird day — I had to return this giant-ass minivan this morning, and the downtown rental lot is TINY, so I thought I’d return it first thing this morning. But the ploughs went by after a day of freezing rain overnight, so there was 15 minutes of snow-ice shovelling to do first. And I’d forgotten to set my alarm this morning!

Long story short, I got back from the rental agency around when I should have finished showering. Scrambling a bit to catch up, and in violation of my own “flow out the door” principles to get this up on time.

I’m sure I’ll be up on weight today. That’s okay! The sprint continues, and I was pretty careful with calories yesterday while getting a ton of walking in. No vigorous exercise today, but —¬†tentatively¬†— I might try to get some rowing in this evening while listening to music or something.

Overall, the Sprint is going well. Motivation’s high, and I’ve only got 16 days to go.