Day 408: Sprinting is Hard!

I am COMMITTED TO THE SPRINT. That being said, a couple of weird days and I really need to keep this from fraying at the edges. Dipping into the cashew butter I made last night. Distracted exercise this morning.

The sprint is working! Sustaining it, though… but that’s why it’s a sprint. You sprintĀ becauseĀ it’s hard, not because you can drop out when you get winded.

It’s important to remember that it is working, though. The sprint is going well. “Flow to the door” is going well. It’s all going well! Okay, my back was a bit twingey yesterday, but I’m stretching that sucker out.

I just need to stay on task for 15 more days. That’s just two weeks. No sweat. Easy peasy.