Day 409: Get back on it!

WEIRD morning — I had a board meeting last night but had to make dinner for tonight. But for the morning so my wife can pack her dinner to take to work for a late shift. I got in late-ish yesterday evening and started something in the slow cooker overnight. And steel cut oats for breakfast this week.

It all went well, but I wound up staying up late waiting for my wife to come home from the late shift. I also WAY underestimated how many dishes I’d generate to wash this morning.

And, not to let myself off the hook, I got distracted by the cooking thing when I got up, and wound up dithering.

So I’m NOT sprinting successfully today. Half-assed exercise. Running late. Running all over the house. I can recover on food, though: I’ve had my breakfast, packed my lunch, and have already made dinner.

And I had a major triumph last night in that I had dinner, went to the board meeting, and came home andĀ cooked for an hourĀ without snacking.

So I’m riding high on that. It was a big sprint moment for me. Walking past the free sandwiches, not snacking while cooking… all very good things.

Motivation is still high, even if I didn’t do well on exercise this morning. I’ll be trying to jet out of the house momentarily and take a long route to work, maybe take a couple of quick walking breaks at work. Try to get some extra motion in my day.

I’d say “and maybe put 5k on the rower this evening,” but let’s be real.