Day 414: Holiday Monday; Sore

Late post today because I slept in a bit for a holiday Monday here in Ontario. What I was hoping was a temporarily sore shoulder/neck thing has turned into a pretty acutely sore shoulder/neck thing.

Shoulder and neck have been a problem since a bike accident in Quebec almost 20 years ago. It’s easy for me to pull and tear my shoulder muscles, and I guess some super vigorous rowing has done that. Nothing for it but to keep up the exercise, but light so I don’t exacerbate it, and stretch more routinely using some stuff I used in physio a couple of years back.

Yesterday was an off day for food logging — Sunday — and Saturday was a big sushi day, so I suspect I’ll have some ground to make up. But the extra sleep was nice, and I’m looking forward to an additional project day around the house before getting back to work tomorrow.

Work’s going to be a bearcat this week: short week, and also some things coming that are in no way my fault but are going to be my responsibility. So best to have a good day today, get a clear head, and refresh myself as much as possible.