Day 416: One Week to Go

As promised yesterday, back on track today. I know I come and go on “Sundays are off days,” but I’m glacially coming to the conclusion that I shouldn’t have “off” days for food logging and the checklist. Exercise, sure. But an off day for tracking really messes up my stride. Plus it gave my weak brain an excuse for the holiday Monday, which is no bueno.

I really do have to keep it up seven days a week.

I also can’t underestimate how much being hurt affects my morale and ability to keep things up. My shoulder’s about 90% better today, but even non-shoulder-related-stuff was hard when it was bunged up. My sleep was bad, my exercise motivation was dismal. And when those things go, my food resistance erodes quickly too. I think I’ve pulled into a good recovery for the last week of this sprint, but it was a rough go.

One week left in the Sprint! I’ve had a weird middle patch; almost tidily predicted a week ago when I said my body was starting to rebel. Time for a big final push. I can get a lot done in a week.