Day 417: Six days to go!

Strong showing in the Sprint yesterday. I mean, they should all be strong showings, right? But with some recent stumbles I’m celebrating the triumphs. Six days to go, and I’m reminding myself of what I said at the start of the month. I’m’a be a bit hungry (safely hungry). It’s a bit uncomfortable. But I need to get into that space of discomfort and unpack a little.

I’ve inspired my wife, which is nice — she’s been talking March Sprint, which is a noble goal, but she also has some actual events for her beer consulting business coming up in March. So my recommendation is going to be save a sprint for a point when you know you can lock into goodness.

To be honest, I feel like I’m going to be coming out of February trying to keep this going. It’s not like I haven’t had a few bad breaks this month, so if I’m committed to, I don’t know, “28 days of being good” I’ll need to push this into March to accrue that.

Six days to go, though — eyes on the prize.

This is where the alcohol management philosophy of “I will not drink today” comes in. Don’t freak out by thinking about forevers and long-term plans. I’ll keep the sprint up today. That’s all I need to do.