Day 418: Bad Snack, Bad Sleep

Focusing on the good of the sprint: this is no small thing, but I’ve tracked, logged food (or didn’t log food with intent) and checklisted (ditto) pretty much every day this month.

Yesterday a bunch of stressful stuff happening. It’s important to separate the temporary hassle stressful from the life-affecting stressful. This is in the former category: temporary hassle. There was (healthy but excessive) snacking, and sleep was TERRIBLE.

Sprint continues, though: good exercise this morning, and meditation at lunch will help me get through the tiredness of bad sleep. Looking at my tracker this morning and realizing that I’ve really stayed on top of that in 2018 so far — and food logging — is definitely a point of pride.

Weight is on target for where I want it to be. Frankly, I was hoping the sprint would get me ahead of target, but on target is not a bad thing.