Day 419: Final Days; No Bedroom Clock

Last few days! I’m looking forward to finishing strong.

I’m still on track but have allowed myself to lapse into “well, I shouldn’t do this, but I’ll log it and then it’s okay” the past few days. My wife made banana bread last night, for instance. So for the next four (!) days, I’ll try to get back to Original Principles of only the foodiest of foods shall pass my lips. I’m doing fine with the Sprint, but I want to finish as strong as I started.

Sidebar: we got rid of the clock in the bedroom about a month ago. I don’t miss it. Here’s the thing. When I wake up in the night, I want to look at the time. It’s mainly just curiosity.

But looking at the time doesn’t help. It just kicks off another chain of anxiety, at worst. “It’s 3 a.m., so now I gotta go back to sleep, because if I don’t, I’ll only have gotten five hours of sleep… oh, now it’s 3:30, God, I’m going to feel terrible tomorrow…” The other option is “Well, it’s 4:45, I might as well just get up.”

Not knowing what time it is narrows that window to “your alarm hasn’t gone off yet so try to go back to sleep.” That’s the only sleep-related thing for my brain to chew on. Now, my brain will always chew on other things. That’s its bag. But at least I’m depriving it of that one specific source of worry.

A month after not having a clock, I’m struggling to think of once conceivable good thing it does for me. I can’t come up with me. So now I’m bedroom clockless. I also don’t keep devices within arm’s reach in the bedroom (we have one old iPhone up there, which is basically just for playing music on).