Day 420: Post-Sprint

I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s worth digging into it. I’m almost done with this February Sprint thing, which I think was worth doing. I’ve definitely failed on some fronts (mostly food), generally succeeded on others (pretty consistent exercise, even if it was sometimes phoned in) and really done good in some areas (food logging, daily checklist).

I’m on track for weight loss. I feel pretty good.

But all of this, in summary, was really just me doing what I’d promised myself I’d do in the first place. And in the context of me trying Really Hard for a month.

It’s certainly thrown “my better self versus my bad instincts” into sharp relief.

So I think March might just be… keep it up. No big evolution from the Sprint. I’m making progress in the right direction, and again, this is kind of just a month of reinforcing what I should be doing in the first place.

Today is Sunday, which is always a weird day. I’ve settled on “no exercise, but the other stuff should still get done” as the Sunday plan, which I’m’a stick to.