Day 422: Last two days

Looking at the final stretch of the February Sprint; definitely settling into the idea that this should keep rolling into March. Good morning this morning; my wife got up early for work, so I was up a bit early (operation Don’t Get Up failed slightly); good workout, getting to this on time.

It’s hard keeping focus for the whole day. That’s what it comes down to; my not-great relationship with food and the fact that it does take some part of my brain to keep me from straying into “graze mode”.

This means that the key thing is changing the relationship with food. Trying to aggressively focus on this for February — the sprint — has helped a lot, I think. But recent slippage tells me it’s not a deep change. It’s, well, a sprint.

Really recalibrating the “default: eat” response that I have is a long-term thing. Repetition breeds success, and I’ve exercised considerable power over it in February. I feel pretty good. But I think, again, this is something that is going to take deep work.