Day 423: Preparing for March

Not much to say — light exercise today, after a weird night of sleep. Vaulting into March, and at the risk of repeating myself to death, it’s pretty much “stick to what worked in February” from here. Aim to exercise every day, do the food logging, do the nightly checklist.

Crap, I forgot to weigh myself. Be right back.

There we go.

That’s the kind of thing I’m talking about, though; being consistent with weighing, logging, etc. I don’t think I surged forward in February, but I think I’ve shown myself that I can be consistent.

The move-forward from here is just to keep this up, and keep pushing into this bad relationship I have with food. I’m still compelled to snack in the evenings, which is unnecessary and counterproductive. That’s the biggest downfall right now, for sure.