Day 424: Off with a bang

March is starting on a weird note. I made chili the other day using a recipe, instead of my good ol’ “go with your gut” chilimaking. The beans turned out undercooked. I had some chili last night for dinner.

Let’s just say undercooked black beans and I make for anĀ exciting night. My long-suffering wife (who did not have chili) said that it was pretty loud, even when I was asleep. I woke up several times with a cramp in my stomach.

The chili’s now in the pressure cooker getting a round of pressure cooking, and I’m wondering if I should cancel all my meetings this morning.

No exercise; I was up so much in the night I opted to sleep in a bit this morning to try to be on an even keel today.

So it’s going to be another day of watching calories due to no exercise. Not an auspicious follow-up to the Sprint… but I had a couple of “resist food” victories yesterday, and I’m being mindful, so that’s a good thing.