Day 425: Exercise is good

After two days off for not terrible, but varied reasons, it’s great to exercise again. Good session on the rower; a little behind schedule due to a slow start. My wife’s job sometimes takes her in at 5 a.m., which means she’s up at 3:30, and it can be… discombobulating, especially when combined with a natural tendency toward insomnia.

Not much to report, today — put in an almost 12-hour workday at the office the night before last, but it was kind of a strategic overwork that’s got me back on track for the rest of the week. I’m making a mature decision to step back from a LAN party tomorrow to get stuff done at home — and save some money, because I’d be into probably $50 of taxis and food. Plus it’s a lot easier to maintain good food habits when I’m not in a room full of snacks and video games.

Feeling pretty good today. Looking forward to the weekend.