Day 427: Placeholder

Kind of the mental equivalent of running my finger on my lips and going beebeebee today — there are days where there are things to report, and days when there are… less so. Today seems to be a placeholder day. My wife is sleeping in after an ended-at-midnight shift last night and has a 12-hour noon to midnight shift coming up, I’m onĀ  Sunday exercise break (still food tracking, though).

Things are going fine. The side hustle has been dead for over a month, and needs resuscitation. I’ve just been busy finishing off other things recently; to be honest, I’ve been going at it hard at work and I think I need to just get a bit spacey in my free time.

So I’m going to grab a shower and plan my day a bit — nothing specific on the radar just yet, other than assembling the coffee table I’m done building — and get to it.