Day 431: Leveling Out the Plane

All right. Still insomnia, but less bad; got up a bit earlier, no exercise but a pretty good mood. Levelling that plane out.

So I’m still feeling blargh, but I’m being reasonable with food. I don’t expect the scales to be kind today. Hard work is, paradoxically, the solution in some ways to feeling overwhelmed with work: plough through, watch the inbox shrink and the outbox grow, and in the back of your head keep thinking about how to manage flow so the inbox doesn’t grow so fast.

Managing up is important in keeping your job not-crazy. I don’t know if I talk much about managing out, though. My role involves managing a lot of people, and a lot of the soft work around what I do relies on a complex system of relationships and mutual favours.

Exercising gratitude is super important in this environment. This is mainly a mental note to myself — I’m overdue on some thank-you notes. But also an important thing to bear in mind when things get heavy… some proactive appreciation for other people can get you out of jams when it hits the fan and you need somebody to help bail the boat. How many metaphors were in that sentence?